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Our Services

Our Services

We Are
Start-Up Experts

Stop making money for other people! Isn’t it time you put yourself in the driver's seat and take control of your own future? Bill and his team have the expertise and experience required to advise you on how to quickly build a successful and profitable start-up. Hiring Blacklist is your secret weapon! We help you map out the path to your success.

We Are
Scaling Experts

Scalability has played a pivotal role in allowing our founder, Bill Kneebusch, to reach his level of business success.  His Balance Wheel Strategic Planning process emphasized the intentionality required to achieve scale without "sinking the ship".  Scalability must be designed into the business from day one and we are experts at laying this foundation and helping businesses achieve massive scale!

We Are
Turn Around Experts

Is your business struggling to survive? Is cash flow non-existent or are creditors knocking on your door? First of all, you are not alone, many businesses experience financial downturn, but an expedient and full recovery is absolutely possible with the right team behind you. Blacklist can assist you in developing a plan to cease and repair financial hemorrhages, while quickly stabilizing operational performance.

We Are
Profit Enhancement Experts

Even successful businesses miss out on the opportunity to maximize growth and drive profits to their ultimate potential. Our patented Balance Wheel Strategic Plan™ is the fasttrack way to identifying and leveraging untapped opportunities. We can help your business maximize today’s financial prosperity while creating a plan to ensure sustainability and longevity.

Note from the Founder

On a daily basis, someone inevitably sees me driving one of my super cars, or wearing a nice watch and asks, “what do you do for a living?”. My answer is always the same, “I’m a serial entrepreneur who enjoys creating businesses in various industries”. Half of the people I speak with say “cool, that’s awesome” the other half ask, “how can I learn to do that, will you mentor me?”, From time to time I would invest and help these individuals succeed, but, in general, my time was just too valuable to spare. So, after years of requests I have decided to share my secret sauce and help others on their journey to achieving business greatness.

I can confidently say that you shouldn’t start a business without consulting me and my team. The value that me and my team can provide is infinitely greater than what we charge. There’s a chance that you could be successful doing it on your own, but your odds of significant success greatly improve when we’re on your team! There are just so many complexities when starting or running a business and we’ve seen them all and know how to navigate through every obstacle. We can help you every step of the way, even if you need help coming up with or refining an initial concept.

My system works for existing businesses, too! If you find yourself struggling to get to the next level, give us a call. We are well experienced in business turnarounds and profit enhancement strategies. Businesses inevitably hit plateaus during their lifecycle and these can be difficult to break through. Me and my team can deliver the results to get you “unstuck” and moving towards that next level.

For me, business is my passion…I eat, sleep, drink and breathe all things business. I love to see ideas generate revenue and small businesses turn into giants. I stand ready to help you on your journey.

Yours, in the spirit of success,
Bill Kneebusch

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