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Become A Consultant

Expert Status

Businesses need expert consultants.
  • We teach you Bill’s billion dollar Balance Wheel Strategic Planning System™.
  • You get unlimited access to our exclusive content library, it’s almost like getting an MBA in how set-up a small business for massive growth.
  • You will quickly earn your title as a Blacklist Certified Business Consultant so that you can start growing your business.

Business Growth

You need a stream of clients to grow your business.
  • HASSLE FREE MARKETING: Blacklist corporate markets your business and aggregates all leads nationwide to optimize your growth.
  • We feed you qualified client leads so that you can grow your consulting business with a steady supply of small business owners that NEED YOU.

Community & Support

Success breeds success.
  • Learn and grow with one-on-one mentoring from Bill and his Billion Dollar team.
  • Get peer-to-peer mentoring, camaraderie and support from our Blacklist consultants community – this is an invaluable resource to grow your consulting career.
  • Continued support and growth through our LIVE webinars and workshops.

Become a Consultant

Why should you become a Blacklist Certified Business Consultant?

Because being an entrepreneur and owning your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do professionally!

It provides you:

  1. Greater Control Over Your Life
  2. Flexible Work Hours
  3. Open-Ended Career Progression
  4. Greater Sense of Satisfaction
  5. Employment Protection
  6. Business Networking Access
  7. Diverse Learning Experiences
  8. Formation of Positive Habits and Attributes
  9. Higher Motivation and Morale
  10. The Ability To Do What You Love
  11. Freedom
  12. The Ability To Retire Sooner
Why is becoming a Blacklist Certified Business Consultant better than the other career opportunities that are advertised?
  • For starters, you aren’t getting “trained” on just one new skill set, you are getting certified as a Blacklist Business Consultant which allows you to make money by helping businesses in over 17 different disciplines.
  • You are becoming part of a brand with a proven track record of success! Essentially, you’re joining a team of world class professionals who provide you with on-going support and are committed to making you as successful as possible!
  • Because the Business Consulting Industry is a HUGE market – $329 Billion per year in just the US!
  • Small businesses need your help and they are underserved in this market! This is because the largest consulting firms are geared predominantly towards fortune 500 companies.
  • We provide you with leads! Businesses all across the country are continually reaching out to Blacklist to help them grow and we connect you directly with these clients who are actively seeking your help!
  • Look around you – clients are everywhere! There is a small business that would like to grow faster at almost every corner, in fact:
    • Businesses with fewer than 100 employees accounted for 98.1% of all US employment.
What are the 17 different disciplines that Blacklist will teach me?
  • Branding and Design
  • Digital Marketing
    • Creative
    • Ad Buying
  • SEO/Website management
  • Social Media marketing and management
  • IP consulting (Intellectual Property)
    • Patent search
    • Provisional patent filings
    • Trademark registration services
  • Accounting and Payroll
    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll
    • Merchant Services
  • HR Management
    • Outsourced management: hiring/firing/compliance
    • Handbooks
    • Compliance audits
    • OSHA compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Advisory board administration and management
  • IT Management
  • Sales System Management
  • Funding/financing – access to capital
  • Succession and Exit planning
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
    • Pitch Deck
    • Access assistance with both VC and PE
  • Supplier Management/Negotiation
  • Business Strategy Development and Management
    • BD (Business DifferentiatorTM)
    • BWSP (Balance Wheel Strategic PlanTM)
The Blacklist Business Differentiator: One-stop-shop for all things business! World-Class Service! Better Prices!

Founder's Message

Founder’s letter to future consultants:
I’m excited that you are considering a career in the world of business consulting! I can personally say that it is one of the most exciting career fields in the world. Where else can you quickly see a tiny idea turn into a massive enterprise? Where else can you witness countless entrepreneurs creating, building and achieving their dreams? As a business consultant, not only do you get to witness these amazing transformations, you get the chance to play an integral part in them; a part that allows you to share in the satisfaction of success.
As you pursue this journey to become a Blacklist Certified Business Consultant you will be joining an elite team of business professionals that have been expertly trained to deliver results to those they serve. A key part of our success revolves around the word “team”. You will not be alone! We all pull together by sharing our collective intelligence to deliver ever improving results to our clients.
Business consulting provides me with an incredible sense of joy and fulfillment. I look forward to working with you and it is my hope that your life will be filled with abundant satisfaction!

Yours, in the spirit of success,
Bill Kneebusch

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