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about Us

Who We Are

“Blacklist is a RESULTS FOCUSED business consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs in launching new businesses and taking existing businesses to the next level.”

Blacklist Consulting was created by Bill Kneebusch, a highly successful serial entrepreneur. He is the pioneer of a proprietary process that can help launch new businesses to stratospheric heights or revolutionize your existing business. His patented Balance Wheel Strategic Planning System™ sets Blacklist apart from all others and is designed to simplify the complexities of business by implementing defined actionable tasks.
Bill Kneebusch, founder and CEO of Blacklist Consulting, started his first successful business as a teenager and was a multi-millionaire by age 25. Over the next 25 years of his career he started an additional 25+ companies that have generated him nearly $1 Billion in lifetime personal revenue.

Founders Message

As a kid, I dreamed about being an entrepreneur. I was reading business magazines while others my age read comic books. I remember buying my first business opportunity from an ad in the back of one of those magazines – a custom button printing kit. I was so excited when that package arrived and within days my first business was born! I made some samples, borrowed an old, beat up briefcase from my Dad and lassoed my Mom into driving me around to area businesses so I could make sales presentations. Within a few days, I had my first order… 100 custom buttons for a company’s annual picnic!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was laying the groundwork for what would eventually become my “Balance Wheel Strategic Planning System™”. It was this exact system that helped me to create one of my earliest wins, a consumer services company which I started, scaled and sold, all within 15 months. From my proceeds, I did three things: 1.) Paid cash for my first Ferrari, 2.) Paid cash for a huge, beautiful new home, and 3.) Most importantly, I invested in start-up after start-up!
Since my early 20’s, I’ve experienced hyper success by applying the basic Balance Wheel Strategic Planning System in numerous industries. Sure I’ve had to refine it and make a few tweaks along the way to improve it, but now it’s tried, true, and battle tested. It’s the proven path to success in business. It’s allowed me to choose my level of success in my different industries. Specifically I’m able to:
  1. Start, scale, and sell some businesses for big cash infusions
  2. start, scale, and hold other businesses for recurring revenue to fund my lifestyle.
Using the Balance Wheel Strategic Planning System I can do either of these, seemingly at will.
I’m so thankful for all the success I’ve had in my life. I feel like I’m the living embodiment of the American Dream. At this stage in my career I want to give back by paying it forward to every entrepreneur with the heart to succeed and the mind to listen and grow.
If you already have a business, I’m pretty sure that one of my Blacklist Certified Business Consultants can help you achieve your dreams by applying the Balance Wheel Strategic Planning System™ and my other tactics for business growth and success.
I guess the real question is… Why do you have a business?
Did you start a business so that you could work for it… or so that it could work for you?
If you want your business to work for you and fund your dream lifestyle, however you define it, then let’s see if working with a Blacklist consultant might be a smart move for you.

Bill Kneebusch

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