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What We Are

“Blacklist is a RESULTS FOCUSED business consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs in launching new businesses and taking existing businesses to the next level.”

Blacklist Consulting was created by Bill Kneebusch, a highly successful serial entrepreneur. He is the pioneer of a proprietary process that can help launch new businesses to stratospheric heights or revolutionize your existing business. His patented Balance Wheel Strategic Planning System™ sets Blacklist apart from all others and is designed to simplify the complexities of business by implementing defined actionable tasks.

Blacklist Origin: The Blacklist name started in the 1990’s. One of Bill’s companies, at that time, was a complex manufacturing business with approximately 150 employees. Growth was accelerating and department meetings were frequent but forward progress was slow. Bill assessed these departmental meetings and discovered that too much was discussed and too little was accomplished. He enacted a simple list procedure that broke down the discussions into actionable items that were then assigned to specific individuals. Bill required a copy of the list from each meeting and began to refer to them as his “Blacklist”, meaning – the simple and actionable items that keep his companies operating in the black!

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